The Ultimate Election Year: All the Elections Around the World in 2024

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By Umesh Sharma

The Ultimate Election Year: All the Elections Around the World in 2024-The year 2024 is not merely an election year; it’s poised to be the ultimate election year. Across the globe, an unprecedented number of voters, spanning 64 countries and the European Union, are gearing up for national elections. This staggering figure represents about 49% of the world’s population, making the outcomes of these elections crucial for the years ahead.

The Ultimate Election Year: All the Elections Around the World in 2024

Impact on Global Dynamics

Taiwan’s Crucial Choice

In Taiwan, the upcoming presidential election holds the key to shaping Beijing’s stance towards the self-governed island, a region repeatedly threatened with invasion. The outcome will undeniably influence geopolitical dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region.

Challenges to Fair Elections

However, the mere act of holding an election does not guarantee fairness. Bangladesh is currently in the spotlight as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina seeks a fourth consecutive term amidst a boycott by the main opposition party, protesting a crackdown on political dissent. Similarly, in Pakistan, former Prime Minister Imran Khan faces challenges as his party encounters suppression and arrests in the lead-up to the February election.

Watching Beyond Predictions

Putin’s Re-election

Elections with predictable outcomes can still provide insights. Russia’s Vladimir Putin seems set for another term, but the true vote breakdown in the March presidential election could reveal the extent of public support amid the ongoing conflicts. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the possibility of a 2024 presidential vote remains uncertain due to martial law, but incumbent leader Volodymyr Zelensky expresses intentions for re-election.

Political Successions in the U.K.

Political transitions are underway globally. In the United Kingdom, economic concerns cast shadows over the ruling Conservative Party’s 14-year tenure. Opinion polls predict the Labour Party’s ascendancy in the next general election, adding another layer of complexity to the already challenging political landscape.

The U.S. Presidential Race

Undoubtedly, the U.S. presidential race holds global significance. Former President Donald Trump’s potential return for a second term is deemed by some as “the biggest danger to the world” in 2024. The unfolding events and the election’s aftermath will undoubtedly shape global dynamics.

Global Electoral Landscape in 2024

Comprehensive Overview

Listed below are elections scheduled or expected in 2024, compiled from reputable sources such as the National Democratic Institute, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, and Anchor Change. The order is based on population projections by the United Nations, accompanied by each country’s “freedom and fairness score” from Our World in Data’s free and fair elections index.

  1. United States
    • Freedom and Fairness Score: 0.85
  2. India
    • Freedom and Fairness Score: 0.78
  3. Indonesia
    • Freedom and Fairness Score: 0.65
  4. Pakistan
    • Freedom and Fairness Score: 0.53
  5. Brazil
    • Freedom and Fairness Score: 0.72

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In conclusion, the world in 2024 is poised on the brink of significant political shifts with elections spanning continents. The outcomes will undoubtedly reverberate globally, shaping international relations, geopolitical landscapes, and the future trajectory of nations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do elections impact global dynamics?
    • Elections have a profound impact on global dynamics, influencing diplomatic relations, economic policies, and geopolitical balances.
  2. Which election is particularly scrutinized in 2024?
    • The U.S. presidential race, especially with the potential return of Donald Trump, is under intense global scrutiny.
  3. How are freedom and fairness scores determined for elections?
    • Freedom and fairness scores are assessed by Our World in Data’s index, relying on expert evaluations to gauge the fairness of electoral processes.
  4. Why is Taiwan’s election crucial in 2024?
    • Taiwan’s election holds geopolitical significance, shaping the relationship between the island and mainland China.
  5. What challenges do countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan face in their elections?
    • Both Bangladesh and Pakistan confront issues of political dissent, suppression, and arrests, raising concerns about the fairness of their electoral processes.
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