Stock Tips: Top 3 Shares to Invest in for High Returns

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By Umesh Sharma

Stock Tips: Top 3 Shares to Invest in for High Returns-In the dynamic landscape of the stock market, identifying promising investment opportunities is key to maximizing returns. Here are three shares recommended by experts that have the potential to yield significant returns in the coming weeks.

Stock Tips: Top 3 Shares to Invest in for High Returns

Nifty50 Index Review: Potential Upside

Throughout the past week, the Nifty50 index has showcased notable fluctuations, culminating in a modest increase of 0.78 percent and closing near the 22,200 mark on February 23rd. As we anticipate the upcoming sessions, market analysts foresee a potential upward movement towards the 22,500 level, provided daily closings remain above 22,300. Jigar Patel, a Senior Manager – Equity Research at ANAND RATHI SHARES & STOCK BROKERS, suggests three stocks poised to deliver returns of up to 23 percent within the next 2-3 weeks. Let’s delve into these recommendations:

Piramal Enterprises: Potential Return of 13%

Piramal Enterprises has shown resilience in its price movement, currently trading at around Rs 933.55. With a stop-loss set at Rs 860 and a target price of Rs 1,055, this stock offers a potential return of 13 percent. Notably, in September 2023, it surged to nearly Rs 1,140 before experiencing a subsequent decline. Presently, it has found support within the bracket of Rs 840-900, indicating stability in its price trajectory.

Oberoi Realty: Potential Return of 8%

Oberoi Realty, trading at approximately Rs 1,366, exhibits signs of a breakout from its consolidation phase within the range of Rs 1,280 to Rs 1,345. Aligning with bullish sentiment, technical indicators suggest an upward trend, with a target price set at Rs 1,475 and a stop-loss at Rs 1,299. The recent breach of the bearish trendline further strengthens the case for a long position.

Delta Corp: Potential Return of 23%

During the latest trading sessions, Delta Corp showcased a robust recovery, marked by notable market activity on February 7th, 2024. Technical analysis reveals bullish signals, with the stock rebounding from oversold territory after an impressive rebound. Advised within the range of Rs 140-150, Delta Corp presents a target price of Rs 180, with a recommended stop-loss near Rs 127.


In conclusion, these three stocks offer lucrative opportunities for investors seeking substantial returns in the current market scenario. However, it’s imperative to conduct thorough research and consider risk factors before making investment decisions. With vigilant monitoring and strategic positioning, investors can navigate the stock market with confidence and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


  1. Are these recommendations guaranteed to result in high returns? While these stocks have shown potential, market conditions can change rapidly, and returns are subject to various factors. It’s essential to stay informed and exercise caution.
  2. What should investors do before investing in these shares? Investors should conduct their research, assess their risk tolerance, and consider consulting with financial advisors before making any investment decisions.
  3. How often should investors monitor their investments? Regular monitoring is advisable, but the frequency may vary depending on individual investment strategies and market conditions.
  4. What are some common risks associated with stock investments? Stock investments carry inherent risks such as market volatility, company performance, economic factors, and unforeseen events. Diversification and risk management are crucial.
  5. Where can investors find more information about these stocks? Investors can access company reports, financial news outlets, and online investment platforms for detailed information on stock performance and analysis.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. It does not constitute financial advice or recommendations. Investors are encouraged to conduct their own research and seek professional guidance before making investment decisions.

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