Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Special Visit to Kalki Dham Mandir in Sambhal: Garbh Griha Parikrama, Shila Sthapana, and Lokarpan

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By Umesh Sharma

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Lays Foundation Stone at Kalki Dham Temple in Sambhal- Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, marked a significant milestone in the region’s spiritual landscape with the foundation stone laying ceremony at the Kalki Dham temple. This event garnered immense attention, highlighting its cultural and religious significance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Lays Foundation Stone at Kalki Dham Temple in Sambhal


Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the foundation laying ceremony at Kalki Dham Mandir.
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PM Modi’s Arrival and Ceremony Schedule:

Grand Entrance:

  • Prime Minister Modi’s arrival via helicopter at 10:25 AM was met with fervent anticipation and celebration.
  • The ceremony commenced with prayers at the sanctum sanctorum at 7:30 AM, setting a sacred atmosphere for the day.

Symbolic Gesture:

  • Accompanied by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and other dignitaries, PM Modi walked to the sanctum sanctorum, symbolizing humility and reverence.

Foundation Stone Laying and Temple Inauguration:

Historic Moment:

  • At 10:29 AM, PM Modi laid the foundation stone, marking a significant step in the temple’s construction.
  • He then unveiled the model of the grand temple, showcasing its architectural brilliance and spiritual essence.

Architectural Marvel:

  • The temple’s distinctive pink stone construction pays homage to India’s rich architectural heritage.
  • Its design, devoid of steel or iron, highlights traditional craftsmanship and cultural authenticity.

Significance of Kalki Dham Temple:

Spiritual Center:

  • Kalki Dham is unique, being the only temple preparing for the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Kalki.
  • With ten sanctums dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s avatars, the temple embodies Hindu mythology’s essence and spiritual teachings.

Cultural Heritage:

  • The temple’s construction techniques emphasize traditional methods, ensuring longevity and cultural preservation.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Sambhal and the foundation stone laying ceremony at Kalki Dham temple represent a significant moment in India’s cultural and spiritual narrative. As the temple takes shape, it promises to be a beacon of faith, unity, and devotion for generations to come.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. What is the significance of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the Kalki Dham temple?
    • Prime Minister Modi’s visit underscores the importance of cultural and religious heritage in India.
  2. How does the Kalki Dham temple stand out from other religious sites?
    • Kalki Dham is distinctive as it anticipates the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Kalki, setting it apart from other temples.
  3. Why is the construction of the Kalki Dham temple significant?
    • The temple’s construction showcases traditional craftsmanship and emphasizes the preservation of cultural authenticity.
  4. What role does the Kalki Dham temple play in promoting spirituality?
    • The temple serves as a spiritual center, embodying Hindu mythology and offering devotees a place for reverence and worship.
  5. How does the Kalki Dham temple contribute to national unity?
    • The temple fosters a sense of unity by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds under a common spiritual roof.

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