On YouTube videos raising EVM doubts, now an EC disclaimer

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By Umesh Sharma

On YouTube videos raising EVM doubts, now an EC disclaimer-YouTube has taken a proactive step in addressing concerns over Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) by adding a “Context” information panel, acting as an Election Commission of India (ECI) disclaimer. This article explores the implications of this initiative, from the safeguards in place to the ongoing concerns of the Opposition and the EC’s collaboration with social media giants.

On YouTube videos raising EVM doubts, now an EC disclaimer

On YouTube videos raising EVM doubts, now an EC disclaimer


In recent developments, YouTube has introduced a “Context” information panel on videos discussing EVM doubts, aligning with the Election Commission of India’s (ECI) efforts to ensure transparent and fair elections.

Context Information Panel

YouTube’s “Context” panel aims to provide background information and direct viewers to the ECI’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, addressing doubts about EVMs and VVPAT machines.

ECI’s Safeguards

This section delves into the robust technical and administrative safeguards implemented by the ECI to guarantee the integrity of the electoral process.

EC’s Request to YouTube

Details emerge about the EC’s communication with YouTube, urging the addition of information panels to videos raising doubts. The list of identified videos is also explored.

Opposition’s Concerns

Examining the concerns raised by the Opposition INDIA bloc regarding EVMs and VVPAT machines, this section provides insights into the EC’s responses and ongoing efforts to address doubts.

YouTube’s Approach

A closer look at YouTube’s approach to combating misinformation, emphasizing the transparency offered by the “Context” panel and its criteria for implementation.

EC’s Outreach to Meta and Twitter

This section explores the EC’s broader strategy, including plans to approach Meta (Facebook) and X (Twitter) for similar disclaimers on content related to EVMs.

Videos with Added Information Panel

Specific examples are provided, showcasing videos where the information panel has been added. The global reach of this initiative is highlighted.

Chief Election Commissioner’s Call for AI

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar’s call for social media companies to use algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to detect deepfakes is discussed in this section.

INDIA Bloc’s Allegations

We are examining the INDIA bloc’s allegations of EVM manipulation and the EC’s response, including updates to the FAQs section in August.

Opposition’s Ongoing Demands

The ongoing demands of the Opposition alliance, including increased VVPAT slip counting, are outlined, along with the EC’s reaffirmation of faith in EVMs.

YouTube’s Information Panel Criteria

Insights into YouTube’s criteria for adding information panels to videos prone to misinformation, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing context.

Global Instances

An examination of global instances where misinformation panels have been added, emphasizing the significance of addressing doubts and maintaining transparency.

Chief Election Commissioner’s Past Statements

References to Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar’s past statements on detecting deepfakes and the growing challenges during elections worldwide.


Summarizing the key points, this section underscores the collaborative efforts between social media platforms and election commissions to combat misinformation and ensure the integrity of elections.

Conclusion: In conclusion, YouTube’s initiative to add an EC disclaimer to videos raising EVM doubts signifies a collaborative effort to combat misinformation. As the EC addresses concerns and social media platforms adopt measures like information panels, transparency, and context become essential in safeguarding the electoral process.


  1. Why did YouTube add the “Context” panel to videos discussing EVMs?
    • YouTube added the panel to combat misinformation and provide viewers with background information on sensitive topics.
  2. What safeguards does the ECI have in place for electronic voting machines?
    • The ECI ensures transparent elections through robust technical and administrative safeguards.
  3. How is the EC addressing concerns raised by the Opposition INDIA bloc?
    • The EC actively engages with concerns and updates its FAQs to address doubts about EVMs.
  4. What is the global reach of YouTube’s misinformation panels?
    • YouTube’s panels extend globally, as seen in instances such as the Georgia report mentioned in the article.
  5. How does the EC plan to collaborate with Meta and Twitter?
    • The EC aims to extend its collaboration to Meta (Facebook) and X (Twitter) to include disclaimers on content related to EVMs.

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