LIC’s Soaring Share Price Leaves Renowned Investor Rajeev Jain on the Sidelines

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By Umesh Sharma

LIC’s Soaring Share Price Leaves Renowned Investor Rajeev Jain on the Sidelines- In the bustling realm of the stock market, where fortunes are made and lost in the blink of an eye, a notable anomaly has emerged – the soaring share price of India’s venerable financial institution, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). This unprecedented surge, however, comes with a twist of irony as seasoned investor Rajeev Jain, managing assets worth billions, finds himself unable to partake in the potential windfall due to liquidity constraints.

LIC’s Soaring Share Price Leaves Renowned Investor Rajeev Jain on the Sidelines

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LIC’s Record High

LIC, often hailed as the backbone of India’s financial sector, has recently witnessed its share price skyrocket to unprecedented levels. With a staggering 22% increase since the year’s commencement, LIC’s ascendancy reflects not only the confidence investors place in its time-tested business model but also its integral role in shaping India’s economic landscape.

Missed Opportunity for Rajeev Jain

Despite his stature as a prominent figure in the investment arena, Rajeev Jain remains a bystander amidst LIC’s meteoric rise. In a candid revelation, Jain, who serves as the managing director at GQG Partners, lamented his inability to seize the opportunity presented by LIC’s bullish performance. Citing liquidity constraints as the primary impediment, Jain’s predicament underscores the harsh realities faced by investors even in the face of lucrative prospects.

Limited Availability of LIC Shares

The scarcity of LIC shares in the public domain presents a conundrum for investors seeking to capitalize on the company’s success. With the government maintaining a substantial 96.5% stake in LIC, the availability of shares remains limited. Even the much-anticipated IPO in May 2022, valued at a staggering ₹21,000 crore, saw only a marginal 3.5% divestment by the government. This scarcity poses a significant challenge for investors like Jain, who are keen to establish sizable positions in the company.

LIC’s Phenomenal Growth

The past eleven months have witnessed LIC’s shares ascend to unprecedented heights, registering a staggering surge of nearly 97%. This phenomenal growth trajectory underscores the unwavering confidence investors place in LIC’s resilience and long-term viability. Despite the hurdles associated with accessing LIC’s shares, investors continue to flock to the company, drawn by its solid fundamentals and promising growth prospects.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the stock market, LIC’s remarkable ascent serves as a testament to its enduring appeal as a blue-chip investment opportunity. However, the story takes a poignant turn as liquidity constraints and limited availability of shares relegate even seasoned investors like Rajeev Jain to the sidelines. Nevertheless, amidst the challenges lie opportunities, and as LIC charts its course towards further growth and prosperity, investors remain cautiously optimistic about the road ahead.


  1. Is LIC a good investment option despite its soaring share price?

    Despite its high share price, LIC remains a solid investment option due to its robust business model and long-term growth potential.

  2. How can investors overcome liquidity constraints when investing in LIC?

    Investors can explore alternative financing options or consider diversifying their portfolio to accommodate investments in LIC.

  3. What factors contribute to LIC’s phenomenal growth in the market?

    LIC’s growth can be attributed to its strong fundamentals, market dominance, and investor confidence in its future prospects.

  4. Will the government’s divestment of LIC shares affect its performance in the market?

    The government’s divestment may introduce liquidity and accessibility improvements for investors, potentially enhancing LIC’s market performance.

  5. What strategies can investors employ to navigate the challenges posed by LIC’s limited share availability?

    Investors can adopt a patient approach, monitor market developments closely, and seize opportunities as they arise to build positions in LIC.


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