I Shot Him Myself, No Regrets”: BJP MLA Who Opened Fire At Ally Leader

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By Umesh Sharma

I Shot Him Myself, No Regrets”: BJP MLA Who Opened Fire At Ally Leader-The political landscape in Maharashtra witnessed a shocking turn of events as BJP legislator Ganpat Gaikwad admitted to shooting an ally Shiv Sena leader, Mahesh Gaikwad, in what he claimed to be an act of self-defense. The incident, stemming from a heated argument over a land dispute, unfolded in Ulhasnagar, Kalyan parliamentary segment, leaving both Gaikwad and another supporter injured. The repercussions of this incident have sent ripples through the political corridors, shedding light on deeper issues within the alliances and governance of the state.

I Shot Him Myself, No Regrets”: BJP MLA Who Opened Fire At Ally Leader

 Created with AIPRM Prompt "Human Written |100% Unique |SEO Optimized Article" Article Outline I. Introduction A. Overview of the incident B. BJP MLA's claim of self-defense II. Background of the Dispute A. Land dispute details B. Legal issues and court victory III. The Allegations Against Chief Minister Eknath Shinde A. Accusations against Shinde B. Betrayal claims and financial disputes IV. Gaikwad's Criticism of the Chief Minister A. Accusations against Shinde's governance B. Impact of the 2022 Thackeray government downfall V. Gaikwad's Defense A. Son's visit to the police station B. Alleged manhandling and the decision to open fire C. Firing rounds inside the police station VI. Legal Consequences A. Arrest under attempt to murder charges B. Condition of the injured Sena leader VII. Political Fallout A. Thackeray faction's response B. Implications for the Maharashtra government's law and order VIII. Conclusion A. Summary of key points B. Reflection on the broader implications "I Shot Him Myself, No Regrets": BJP MLA Who Opened Fire At Ally Leader

In the early hours of the night, tempers flared as the dispute over a piece of land purchased by Ganpat Gaikwad a decade ago reached a boiling point. What followed was a shocking revelation – Gaikwad, a member of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s faction, openly admitted to firing shots at Mahesh Gaikwad, citing the mistreatment of his son within the police station.

Background of the Dispute

The heart of the matter lies in a land dispute that has been simmering for years. Gaikwad, who claimed victory in a legal battle over the contested plot, found himself in a fresh struggle as Mahesh Gaikwad allegedly occupied the land by force. This incident adds a new chapter to the ongoing legal saga surrounding the property.

The Allegations Against Chief Minister Eknath Shinde

Gaikwad did not hold back, accusing Chief Minister Shinde of betrayal and attempting to establish a “kingdom of criminals” in Maharashtra. He went on to claim owed crores of rupees and urged Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene. The allegations hint at a fractured political alliance with potential ramifications for the state’s stability.

Gaikwad’s Criticism of the Chief Minister

The MLA’s criticism extended to the Chief Minister’s son, MP Shrikant Shinde, whom Gaikwad accused of taking credit for his works through misleading signboards. These allegations not only reflect personal animosity but also question the governance style of Eknath Shinde, raising concerns about the future of Maharashtra under his leadership.

Gaikwad’s Defense

Offering his side of the story, Gaikwad narrated how his son went to the police station to file a complaint, only to face physical aggression from Sena leader Mahesh Gaikwad’s men. In defense, Gaikwad resorted to firing five rounds within the police station premises, asserting that his actions were driven by the need to protect his son.

Legal Consequences

The aftermath of the incident saw Ganpat Gaikwad and two others arrested under attempt to murder charges. The injured Sena leader’s critical condition, requiring ventilation, adds a layer of complexity to the legal proceedings. The unfolding legal drama promises to be a focal point in the coming days.

Political Fallout

The incident has handed the Uddhav Thackeray faction a potent weapon to criticize the Maharashtra government’s handling of law and order. Anand Dubey, a spokesperson for the Thackeray faction, questioned the impunity with which a BJP MLA could open fire inside a police station, emphasizing the failure of both engines of the state government.


In conclusion, the shooting incident involving BJP MLA Ganpat Gaikwad has far-reaching implications for Maharashtra’s political landscape. The complexities of the land dispute, coupled with accusations of betrayal and maladministration, paint a vivid picture of the challenges faced by the state. The aftermath of this incident will likely reverberate through the corridors of power, shaping the narratives and alliances in Maharashtra.


  1. What led to the land dispute between Ganpat Gaikwad and Mahesh Gaikwad? The dispute originated from a plot of land purchased by Ganpat Gaikwad a decade ago, which Mahesh Gaikwad allegedly occupied by force after legal issues were resolved in Ganpat Gaikwad’s favor.
  2. Why did Ganpat Gaikwad shoot Mahesh Gaikwad? Ganpat Gaikwad claimed to have shot Mahesh Gaikwad in self-defense, stating that his son was being beaten inside the police station by Mahesh Gaikwad’s men.
  3. What are the legal consequences for Ganpat Gaikwad? Ganpat Gaikwad and two others have been arrested under attempt to murder charges, with the injured Sena leader remaining in critical condition on a ventilator.
  4. How has the Thackeray faction responded to the incident? The Thackeray faction criticized the Maharashtra government over law and order, questioning the lack of fear of the law exhibited by a BJP MLA who opened fire inside a police station.
  5. What broader implications does this incident have for Maharashtra politics? The incident highlights deeper issues within political alliances and governance, raising concerns about stability and the direction of Maharashtra under Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s leadership.

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